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A promo of Gene Clark's "Echoes" on a 10.5 inches reel tape.

I don't remember ever playing it!

And I don't remember whom I bought it from!

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8 mm silent movie featuring the original lineup of The Byrds.

The movie is called THE BYRDS FLIP THEM IN FRESNO and was recorded at the Radcliffe Stadium, Fresno, CA on Saturday, May 22, 1965.

The Byrds opened for The Rolling Stones at this performance.

It is a black and white silent movie (approximately 6 min duration).

From Christpher Hjort's book:

"The Byrds' visit to Fresno was filmed and later sold as a low fidelity 8 mm film in black and white and without sound. It was advertised in the teen press as The Byrds Flip Them in Fresno and sold on mail order basis only."

See stills from the movie, posters and details here:




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Third find today; it's a limited edition pin (# 1793 of 10,000) for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony in 1991, when The Byrds were inducted.

Left is a scan, right is a picture.

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Next find is a set of 3 Byrds tapes from a US radio station, with interviews and music...probably, judging by what's written on them.

Of course, I never managed to play them as they are special cassettes needing radio station equipment to be played.

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The lockdown has its advantages, one of them being having spare time to search our archives.

I'm currently searching in boxes that haven't been opened for decades.

Here's the first of my recent finds.

It's a postcard...or...a record...actually both!

A musical postcard that plays Mr. Tambourine Man by The Byrds. 

Well, actually, I never tried to play it on my turntable; it's just a collectible piece that I bought decades ago.

Judging by the cyrillic characters and the statue of Lenin, it's probably from the USSR.

More goodies coming soon.


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