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Doyle Madden (Skip Battin Related)


DOYLE MADDEN and The Madmen

The SKIP BATTIN Connection


Byrds Flyght knew of a supposed connection between Skip Battin and a single by a band called Doyle Madden and the Madmen, since Richard Russell (ex-webmaster of the sadly missed BYRDMANIAX website) told us about it years ago.

However, our search for more info and for the record itself or even for a picture of it, remained unsuccessful.

Then, on Monday May 5, 2003, we were pleased to receive an e-mail from Ken Smith, who was the leader of this band, and who confirmed that Skip Battin did play and work on this single.


Here's the story, as told to Byrds Flyght by KEN SMITH himself.

The band that made the record was really "The Raiders" of Ojai, California. I was the leader of the band and Doyle Madden was a guitarist and vocalist. Other members of the band were Danny Cole (Drums), Paul Medina (Sax), Bobby Jones (Guitar). I ended up playing the bass on the two tracks because we got rid of our bass player when we took Doyle Madden into the band and I was the only one who could play it.

On"Love is a Game", Skip Battin plays the Turkish Chimes. This was added after the session without our permission. Also, the group's name on the record was changed without permission. It seems that the label was afraid that they might have had trouble with Paul Revere and the Raiders although we legally owned the name having had it since 1961.

Below is a picture of the Raiders, unfortunately without Doyle Madden. Left to right are: Chip Ireys (he was let go and I took over the bass when Doyle Madden joined us), Bobby Jones (rhythm and lead guitars), myself Ken Smith, Paul Medina and Danny Cole. Danny and I founded the band in 1961 and we were the only two always with the group. Other players rotated in and out. 

The recording was done in early 1964 down in Hollywood. It was the same studio that Ketty Lester cut "Love Letters". Our record contract was with InvictaR ecords with Victor Gargano and Marvin ?. I met Skip Battin for the first time at the recording studio and later at his home. He might have been the recording engineer for the single.

Below are the players credits for the single (ages are in parentheses).

The song "Love is a Game" was performed by the following:

Doyle Madden (23) all vocals and lead guitar

Bobby Jones (22) rhythm guitar

Danny Cole (17) drums

Kenny Smith (18) bass

and added after the session: Skip Battin Turkish Chimes

The song "We're Through" was performed by the following:

Doyle Madden all vocals and lead guitar

Bobby Jones rhythm guitar

Danny Cole drums

Kenny Smith bass

Paul Medina (20) sax

The record was released in the summer of 1964. I think it also made it up to the Billboard to 40 but for some reason, Invicta stopped making copies and it fell off the chart without much of a chance. I think everyone was afraid of the British Invasion and did not want to run risks.  

Danny Cole still lives in Ojai (our home town). I reestablished contact with Jerry Smoot, who was our sax man when we moved to Oklahoma City in June '64. We played dances for DJ Dale Weyba of WKY radio. Needless to say, he gave our record lots of air time.

Ken Smith

Sincere Thanks to KEN SMITH for the e-mails, the pictures and the rest...