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We've just been sent a recording of a 3h 15min Byrds Story (1964-1981) that was broadcast on a Frenchspeaking radio station in 1981.

You can download it here:

Here's the track listing. All comments are in French.


01 You Movin’ (The Jet Set)

02 Please Let Me Love You (The Beefeaters)

03 You Showed Me

04 Mr. Tambourine Man

05 All I Really Want To Do

06 Turn! Turn! Turn!

07 Eight Miles High

08 Mr. Spaceman

09 Lady Friend (single only)

10 So You Want To Be A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

11 My Back Pages

12 Goin’ Back

13 Nothing Was Delivered

14 Wheels On Fire

15 Old Blue

16 Ballad Of Easy Rider

17 Jesus Is Just Alright

18 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

19 Child Of The Universe

20 Lay Lady Lay (single only)

21 Chestnut Mare

22 Positively 4th Street

23 Glory, Glory

24 I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician

25 Here Tonight (Gene Clark with the original Byrds)

26 Lover Of The Bayou (live in Holland May 1971)

27 You Ain’t Going Nowhere (live in Belgium 1971)

28 Tiffany Queen

29 America’s Great National Pastime

30 Roll Over Beethoven (live Banjoman soundtrack)

31 Cowgirl In The Sand

32 Full Circle

33 My New Woman (Roger McGuinn with the 4 other original Byrds)

34 Hanoi Hannah (Roger McGuinn)

35 Peace On You (Roger McGuinn)

36 Same Old Sound (Roger McGuinn)

37 Somebody Loves You (Roger McGuinn And Band)

38 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Roger McGuinn And Band)

39 Chestnut Mare (Roger McGuinn with The Rolling Thunder Review – live 1976)

40 Eight Miles High (Roger McGuinn with The Rolling Thunder Review – live 1976)

41 Up To Me (Roger McGuinn)

42 All Night Long (Roger McGuinn’s Thunderbyrd)

43 American Girl (Roger McGuinn’s Thunderbyrd – live at Rockpalast 1977)

44 Shoot ’em (The Victor Song) (Roger McGuinn’s Thunderbyrd – live at Rockpalast 1977)

45 I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better (McGuinn, Clark & Hillman) (live 1978)

46 Don’t You Write Her Off (McGuinn, Clark & Hillman)

47 Giving Yourself Away (Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman featuring Gene Clark)

48 It Doesn’t Matter (Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman) (live in Brussels 1980)

49 A Secret Side Of You (Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman)

50 Love Me Tonight (Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman)

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Jim McGuinn (at left with the long neck banjo) with The New Christy Minstrels.

In 1963, Jim McGuinn was playing with The Chad Mitchell Trio, and was offered to join The New Christy Minstrels. A picture of the group with him is posted above.

Before he had a chance to record or tour with them, he was offered a job by Bobby Darin, which he accepted as Darin offered to double the salary he had with The Chad Mitchell Trio. McGuinn plays on three Capitol LPs by Darin.

You can read the long, complete story of the relationship between Darin and McGuinn, as told by the latter, by going here:


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’66 Sunset Strip: Gene Clark Special
The Unreleased 1967-1968 Gene Clark Special

Santo & Johnny – “You Showed Me” (Gene Clark/Jim McGuinn)

Gene Clark – “Till Today”

The Rose Garden – “Till Today” (Gene Clark)

David Hemmings (actor from “Blow-Up”) – “Back Street Mirror” (Gene Clark)

The Rose Garden – “Long Time” (Gene Clark)

Gene Clark interview, by Domenic Priore, 1986 (Part 1)

January 26, 1967 Columbia Session:

Gene Clark – “Back Street Mirror”

Gene Clark – “Don’t Let It Fall Through”

Gene Clark – “Yesterday, Am I Right”

April 24, 1967 Columbia Session:

Gene Clark – “The French Girl” (Ian Tyson/Sylvia Fricker)

Gene Clark – “Only Colombe”

Demos, Late 1967 “Gene Clark Sings For You” Publishing LP:

Gene Clark – “On Her Own”

Gene Clark – “Past Tense”

Gene Clark – “Past My Door”

Gene Clark – “One Way Road”

Gene Clark – “Down on the Pier”

Gene Clark – “”7:30 Mode”

The First A&M Records Gene Clark Session, Mid-’68:

Gene Clark – “Los Angeles”

Gene Clark – “I Pity the Poor Immigrant” (Bob Dylan)

Gene Clark – “That’s Alright By Me”

Gene Clark interview, by Domenic Priore, 1986 (Part 2)

Dillard & Clark – “Why Not Your Baby?” (Gene Clark)

Jackie DeShannon – “Splendor in the Grass” (Jackie DeShannon)

Rick Nelson – “Marshmallow Skies”

Hearts & Flowers – “Colour Your Dayime”

Buffalo Springfield – “Merry Go Round”

The Stone Poneys featuring Linda Ronstadt – “Fragments: Golden Song/Merry Go Round/Love is a Child”

The Mamas & The Papas – “Boys and Girls Together”

Cher – “Alfie”

The Byrds – “The World Turns All Around Her” (Gene Clark)

The Byrds – “She Don’t Care About Time” (Gene Clark)

The Turtles – “You Showed Me” (Gene Clark/Jim McGuinn)

Special Thanks to Becky Ebenkamp and Whin Oppice for their production and research contributions on this episode.

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Philip Graham wrote:

One of my great memories is seeing the Byrds and Burrito Brothers share the stage at Carnegie hall, when Gram Parsons was still in the band. I caught the later Rick Roberts era Burritos too, also memorable!

By the way, today the website "3 Quarks Daily" features my long essay on The Byrds, "My Fan Notes". 

It's the confessions of a devoted fan, from 1965 through to the early 1970s. 

Your readers might enjoy it:

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ALOHA was a Dutch rock magazine published between 1969 and 1974.

In issue #42 (November 1970), they featured a long interview of The Flying Burrito Brothers by Jan Donkers, recorded during their October 1970 visit to Europe.

Jan Donkers is a Dutch rock journalist, writer and radio producer.

The lineup (see image left to right) was Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke, new comer Rick Roberts and Bernie Leadon.

Click on the image to see it at a readable size.

The interview is in Dutch. At first I thought I'd translate it to English, but it's very long and I stopped on the way. So if a good soul can provide an English version, I will gladly publish it here. Thanks in advance.

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Echoes, the monthly newsletter edited by, published the following article in its January 2021 edition:


- This month we have a very special treat for Echoes readers courtesy of music journalist and KUTX radio DJ JODY DENBERG. Jody has graciously allowed us to share with you the full interview he did with Gene in 1984 while Gene was touring Austin TX with the Firebyrds line-up. Gene is in great spirits and is very open with his responses. We think you'll enjoy hearing this very special interview! -

 The interview was made a week before the release of the Firebyrd LP. Go here to listen to the full interview (including Byrds/ Gene Clark music).

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Another great find from my archives.

This is the front page of the New Musical Express U.K. magazine from July 30, 1965.

The Byrds were expected to start a series of 8 concerts in the U.K. in August 1965.

Two more dates were added, as mentioned in the article from the inside page, also picture hereunder.


Click on the images for bigger sizes

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R.I.P. Tony Rice 

December 25, 2020

Long time Chris Hillman musical partner.

UPDATE Dec. 29 : everything (and more) you want to know about Tony Rice


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Update December 24, 2020: I've had several requests for making this compilation available. Watch this space.

Various Artists – Close But…No Byrds

I made myself a compilation of tracks by The Byrds and ex-members…or not.

The tracks are in chronological order of the original Byrds becoming full time members of the band.

Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 19, 20, 21 and 22 are from actual singles.

Tracks 3 and 4: Jim McGuinn is Jim/Roger’s grandson.

Tracks 7, 8, 15 and 16 are from actual officially downloadable tracks.

Tracks 3, 4, 13, 14, 17, 18, 23 and 24 are from YouTube.

As to tracks 23 and 24… our Skip’s complete real name is Clyde Raybould Battin Jr..The closest I could get is some singing and ukulele playing weird guy named Clyde Batton.

1. The Byrds - Bright Lights Big City (3:06)
The Byrds - Little Lover (2:02)
3. Jim McGuinn & The Cosmic Cowboys - Underbelly Blues (3:34)
4. Jim McGuinn & The Cosmic Cowboys - Pull The Plug (2:39)
5. Gene Clark And The Playboys - Crazy Kind Of Love (2:24)
6. Gene Clark And The Playboys - Budds Bounce (1:45)
7. Dave Crosby - Me Without You (3:58)
8. Dave Crosby - Forever (4:14)
9. Michael Clark - Sweet Louise (3:26)
10. Michael Clark - Busted Down In Houston (3:00)
11. Chris Hillman - My Little Nightingale (2:17)
12. Chris Hillman - Takin' My Baby Home (1:40)
13. Kevin Kelly - That's Life (2:58)
14. Kevin Kelly - Hard Hearted Hannah (2:21)
15. Graham A. Parsons - Lately (3:30)
16. Graham A. Parsons - Naive (3:15)
17. Clarence White & The Johnny Appleseeds - Can't Expect All That (2:41)
18. Clarence White & The Johnny Appleseeds - Cry (4:52)
19. Gene Parson's Band - Toy Guitar (1:37)
20. Gene Parson's Band - Night Club Rock And Roll (1:49)
21. John York - Star Of The Bar Room (2:13)
22. John York - Another Love (3:00)
23. Clyde Batton - Ukulele Wailin' (0:48)
24. Clyde Batton - Happy Birthday (1:05)

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A promo of Gene Clark's "Echoes" on a 10.5 inches reel tape.

I don't remember ever playing it!

And I don't remember whom I bought it from!

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